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What will you win if you entrust personnel recruitment to us?
You win: 
1. Guarantee. If the candidate does not justify your expectations during the probation period, we will select another one free of charge.
2. Time. You will be able to dedicate yourself to direct work. You will meet not with all candidates, but only with the best 3 or 4 candidates.
Consulting company "Ateities personalas" provides complete recruitment process. Usually it consists of the following stages: 
  1. Getting acquainted with the client?s company, finalizing job description and candidate?s profile, advising in the market and salary situation. 
  1. Attracting candidates by using:
    • Advertised selection (open search process);
    • Selection from our database;
    • Direct search (headhunting).         
Here we can discuss how we can reach the best results so that you get the maximum out of your investment.
When organizing an open search process, advertisements in mass media are published.
Thus we attract motivated candidates who are currently looking for a new job and are interested in the advertised position.
Job announcements are additional advertising for companies too.
If it is necessary to keep the process confidential, we post the advertisements without client company"s name ? candidates are attracted by the reliable image of the consulting company "Ateities personalas".
You win:
  • 29 % discount in mass media in comparison with direct placement;
  • Advice concerning popularity of media;
  • Placing the advertisement in any region of Lithuania"s mass media.
Sometimes the best result is not achieved through advertising: we do try to save your time and money. Then we can offer closed selection process (selection from our datebase or headhunting).
3.   Screening, interviewing and selection
     According to your suggestion this stage could be:
   - as a separate service - selection of received applicants;
   - or we can take care of the whole process.
4.  Assessment, reference checking
Assessment and reference checking are usually included into a recruitment agreement, but at the same time we can offer candidates? assesment as a separate service. Our clients often choose assessment service after they have selected candidates themselves and in order to make the final decision they wish to get professional assessment on one or several final candidates.
5. Guarantees for the probation period, consultations

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